Top 6 Guardians of the Galaxy DIY Craft Projects

The much anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is released in the UK on Friday 28th April. It follows on two months from the first film, with the team continuing to unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage.

Feeling inspired by the film? Check out Top 5 simple creative ideas that the internet has to offer to get you started on your galactic craft adventure.

1. 3D Cube Guardians of the Galaxy Characters – MGTTrailers on DeviantArt

We LOVE these! Print out these cool character templates to make your own 3D card Guardians of the Galaxy. The Star Lord character has a removable mask and there’s also a Thanos character to make. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to make that cute 3D Rocket?

2. Printable Awesome Mix Tape – 30 Minute Crafts

Make your own Awesome Mix with these simple free printable. Use it as a cover for your own old school mix tape or make it into a Guardians of the Galaxy themed gift box. All you need is some scissors and double sided tape.

3. Groot Cookies – Just Jenn Recipes

Check out the recipe for these Groot cookies by Just Jenn Recipes. A hint of cinnamon and some chocolate bark, tasty and cute! The cookie is cut free-hand and is super easy for bakers of all ages.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Hama or Perler Bead Designs – Various

Design your own bead versions of the popualr characters from the movie. We’ve found cool patterns for Groot, Star Lord / Peter Quill and Rocket but there’s plenty more around on Pinterest and Google.

5. Awesome Mix Tape Birthday Cake – The Chic Site

This cool mix tape cake is the perfect centrepiece for a Guardians of the Galaxy party. Check out The Chic Site’s simple step by step on making it.

6. Create Your Own Glass Planet Bauble – the littlecraftybugs company

We know we’re a bit biased but we love this idea. Make your own planets with glass baubles and paints. You can make them into place names, hang them on the Christmas Tree or use them as room decorations.

And finally…

Check out this little one’s cute Baby Groot costume by Reddit user S7ar-lord. It’s even cuter than Baby Groot himself!