Rosey Nosey Rudolph Advent Baubles

Be inspired by our Rosey Nosey Rudolph Advent bauble craft idea, it’s quick, easy, fun and can be mess free!

Rosey Nosey Rudolph is a charming addition to the Christmas tree, ideal for kids or adults, and a perfect way to create Advent gifts for all the family.

Advent gift baubles are easy to make and fill providing the perfect parcel to delight everyone during the run up to Christmas.

Rosey Nosey Rudolph Advent baubles look spectacular and you can make them plain or glitzy, using our Small or Small Luxury Enbellishment Kits to Make Rosey Nosey Rudolph Faces.

Rosey Nosey Rudolph Advent baubles are a simple way to add a splash of colour and festive cheer to your Christmas tree, garland or decor.

We used glue dots to stick the Rosey Nosey Rudolph Face Kits to the card bauble divider, making this a mess free quick craft with no need to wait for glue to dry.

Rosey Nosey Rudolph Advent Baubles – See idea

Take a look at these 3 simple steps:

  1. Use 6mm permanent glue dots to attach a small Rosey Nosey face kit to the dividing card of 60mm two-part fillable plastic baubles. Insert the divider into the bauble.
  2. Place chocolate coins, sweets or small gifts into the other half of the plastic bauble. We added a wooden star advent number first so it was not obscured by the sweets or gift. You could use stick on Advent numbers, applying them after you have filled your bauble.
  3. Add some ribbon or string to hang and add them to the Christmas tree or a garland. If you have used a luxury Rosey Nosey Rudolph face kit, thread the bell onto the ribbon or string before hanging.

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