8 Nautical Wedding Ideas To Make Yourself

Your wedding is an important occasion. It’s the time, date and place that you will marry the love of your life. If the second love in your life is all things boat and sea, you may be thinking of adding a nautical twist to your big day. We’ve created these unique ideas to help you to add the maritime feel you’re looking for, whilst giving your wedding the home-made look that brings a bit of personality to such a special day.

If you’re looking for a sea inspired wedding favour, try our easy to make Anchor Cracker or the Maritime Candle Favours. We’ve even added a nautical twist to a bridesmaid’s posy, with crepe paper flowers that are beautiful yet easy to make. If you have a smaller guest list, you may be able to create these ideas single-handedly especially if you have a crafty eye. If you’ve never crafted before, have a big guest list or if you’re not feeling particularly confident about the results, you could always enlist the help of any crafty bridesmaids, grooms men or relatives. Set up a production line with the promise of a free meal or drink afterwards, you’ll be surprised how many willing helpers you can find. A job shared is a job halved after all!

Browse our bespoke collection of ideas to find a nautical inspired craft project that’s perfect for your occasion. You can also see the whole Nautical Wedding craft concept on our website, or be inspired by our Nautical Wedding Pinterest board.

1. Anchor Wedding Cracker FavourSee Idea in Full

A Cracker Favour with a Nautical Twist

A cracker favour with a nautical twist!

This nautical anchor cracker idea is a lovely alternative party favour for your wedding guests. This simple idea will emphasise your theme, giving maximum impact with only a small amount of effort. We accessorised a simple white cracker with ribbons and a wooden anchor embellishment, making this idea easy to do if you have a large guest list. If your wedding is more of an intimate affair or if you are feeling particularly crafty, you could bling this idea up with jewels or even a nautical themed name tag for each guest.

Fill your crackers with small wrapped pieces of rock (as in the sweet), personalised souvenirs of the wedding or maybe even confetti to throw over the new bride and groom. You could also use them to store party poppers and other favours to entertain your guests during the reception.

2. Nautical Glass Bauble FavourSee Idea in Full

Fill A Bauble with Memories

Fill a bauble with memories…

Whether you’re getting married on the beach or just planning a nautical theme; give your guests a souvenir to cherish with this cute maritime bauble idea.

If you’re getting married on a beach at home, you could substitute the coloured sand for sand from the wedding location. If you’re getting married on a beach away from home or you’re heading off somewhere sunny for your Honeymoon, you could adapt the idea by adding a souvenir that represents your destination.

Say you were getting married in the Caribbean (you lucky thing) you could add small coconut and some shells to the sand. If you’re heading to the Mediterranean, you could add a small sailing boat. If you’re heading to a seaside resort closer to home, add a miniature Blackpool Tower or perhaps a small piece of seaside rock (varnished so the sand doesn’t stick).

3. Life Buoy Wreath Chair DecorationSee Idea in Full

Dark Buoy Blog

Made using a simple polystyrene hoop

Add to your nautical or seaside theme with these simple life saver ring wreaths. They can be used as table centres, chair decorations or just to decorate your party room. Made using a polystyrene hoop as the base, they are lightweight enough to hang up. So you could also make miniature versions and hang them onto ribbon for a cute nautical bunting idea.

Create them in a whole rainbow of nautical colours or stick to your chosen colour scheme, with a tonal look.

4. Summer Holiday Beach Hut Favour BoxSee Idea in Full

Hut Blog

A favour box to match your theme, made from a paper mache box.

Add to your seaside or nautical theme with these colourful mini paper mache beach hut favour boxes. You can make this idea as basic or as detailed as you like and maybe match the colour of the beach hut to the colour scheme of your wedding. We made the stripes of the beach hut using blue ribbon on a white painted background but you could do this using decopatch paper instead.

5. Maritime Candle Wedding FavoursSee Idea in Full

A simple way to embellish plain candles as favours...

A simple way to embellish plain candles as favours…

Give your guests a piece of the seaside theme to take home with these cute nautical candles. These favours are more for decorative purposes than for practical use and our design is not suitable for lighting. Although the candles could be lit if you left off the sand decoration and put a little note to your guests to remind them to take off the other embellishments first.

6. Mini Treasure Chest Wedding Favour BoxSee Idea in Full

Favour Box Blue Blog

Complement your seaside or nautical themed event with these mini paper mache treasure chest favour boxes. Fill them with shells, with sweet treats for your guests to enjoy or even a personalised memento of the event.

7. Beach Flower Bauble Table Decoration or Wedding FavourSee Idea in Full

Glass Bauble Blog

Accessorise your wedding tables with the flowers of the seaside in these beautiful bauble decorations. They would be perfect as part of a table centre or as a favour for your wedding guests to take home. These open-fronted baubles look beautiful and are very deceptive as they are a lot easier to make than they look.

8. Floral Nautical Wreath Decoration or Flower Girl PosySee Idea In Full

Wreath Dark Blog

This stripy wreath will perfectly complement your nautical or seaside themed home décor or event. Wreaths aren’t just for accessorising your front door. As this design is made using a polystyrene wreath hoop it is lightweight enough to be used as a flower girl posy. If you have a crafty hand and are willing to make a few of these pretty wreaths, you could use them as chair decorations or just to accessorise your reception area for a nautical wedding.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at the whole Nautical Wedding craft concept. You can also explore our two other Seaside themed craft concepts, Seaside Wedding for your big day and A Day at the Beach, an adults seaside craft concept.