Wooden Lighthouse Craft Ideas

A light that shines in the darkness to protect and alert.

Sounds like something one would say about a friend or family member whom helps us in the hardest of times, but this is a reference to the silent, but bright, guardians of our coastlines and ships, the majestic lighthouse.

To celebrate the lighthouse we have designed two unique decorative styles.

Our new wooden lighthouses look fabulous decorated and can be placed in the home to brighten any room!

Wooden Lighthouse Craft Ideas – See idea

We used decoupage on one of the lighthouses in bright beach colours, creating a fun ornament or gift.

Our second lighthouse was painted using acrylic paint and crackle medium, producing a unique look.

You can decorate a lighthouse to fit a room’s colour scheme or personalise it for a beautiful handmade gift. Maybe add initials or a date for a nursery or birthday celebration.

You can get the kids involved too! Get them covering a wooden lighthouse with tissue paper, glitter, paint, even shells collected from the beach.

Let your imagination go wild!

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