Why Do We Wear Green on St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s Day falls on 17th of March each year. Up and down the country and across the world, floods of people dressed in green will fill the streets. Irish themed pubs and clubs will be crowded with people out to celebrate St Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. The 17th March is thought to be the date of St Patrick’s death in 461 AD, which is why the celebration takes place on this day.

Wearing green has now become associated with St Patrick’s Day, even though the saint was originally associated with the colour blue. It is thought that this shift happened for several reasons. Ireland is also known by the nickname ‘The Emerald Isle’ so this is obviously considered as one major reason that green is associated so heavily with the country’s national day.

There is also green in the Irish flag, which represents the native people of Ireland.  Sitting alongside orange, which represents the British supporters of William of Orange who settled in Northern Ireland in the 17th century and white, which represents the peace between the two groups.

Of course the Irish shamrock that St Patrick is said to have used to teach people about the holy trinity is also green, which offers another explanation for this colour scheme. Whatever the reason is behind the association though, it’s an amazing sight to see crowds of people dressed up in green.


According to legend, the reason that people wear green on St Paddy’s Day is to make themselves invisible to leprechauns. It’s said that the leprechauns, would sneak up and pinch anyone they could see (that’s anyone not wearing green). So make sure you’re wearing your best green outfit today and watch out for leprechauns…

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