6 Unique Summer Sunflower Kraft Gift Wrap Ideas

Summer always seems to be a warm, sunny glow on the horizon at this time of year, the warmth calling to us like an old friend. If you can’t quite wait until the Summer, you can bring the sunshine into your gift wrapping with these bright sunflower ideas.

Kraft and recycled paper has become a staple supply in the craft world when creating a handmade look and it’s now widely used in card-making and scrap booking. We’ve taken this paper craft staple and turned it into a funky gift wrapping idea using bags, wrapping paper and boxes. We think that sometimes all the brown can look a bit dull, so sunflowers are a great way to update the ‘kraft look’ for Summer.

1. Sunflower Kraft Gift Bag – View Idea


A pretty way to brighten up a kraft gift bag is to add a fabric sunflower head and some sequins. We stuck the sunflower on with some silicone glue and then, when it had dried, we arranged some sequins around it like a starburst. We attached the sequins to the bag using small dabs of glue and then added some dots of glitter glue to the centres to hide the holes in the middle of the sequins. We finished the gift bag off with a strip of green ribbon to add a pop of colour.

2. Sunflower Gift Tag Idea – View Idea

A kraft-style paper mache gift tag can be livened up with some sparkly jewels (self-adhesive are super easy!) and some fun ribbon, like our cute bumble bee organza ribbon. On the subject of ribbon, an artistic ribbon design will make a plain kraft wrapped parcel look more modern and funky, just add a sunflower stem for a summery touch.

3. Sunflower Gift Box – View Idea


Aside from the regular gift bags and wrapping paper, we love brown postage-style boxes. Add some green craft supplies and a trusty sunflower, you’ve got a gorgeous gift box that looks a million dollars but costs next to nothing!

We used a length of tulle net roll to create a bow and tied in some green pipe cleaners that had been curled round a pencil. Use silicone glue to attach some sunflowers and add a pretty design using self-adhesive jewels. Gel pens are also a great way to add sparkle and definition to crafts, without spending a fortune!

4. Sunflower Gift Wrapping – View Idea

Our popular kraft wrapping paper can be accessorised with jewels, ribbons and sunflowers for a bright Summer look. We used self adhesive jewels to add some sparkle and some ribbon for a textured look. Don’t forget your fabric sunflowers!

5. Sunflower Treasure Chests – View Idea


Sunflowers brighten up the natural look of corrugated brown treasure chests perfectly. These favour boxes would look brilliant on a party or wedding table this summer. We used two sizes of treasure chest for these ideas. The larger box would be lovely as a gift box whereas the smaller boxes are the perfect size for table favours.

6. Sunflower Cracker Idea – View Idea


These sunflower cracker ideas would be perfect for adding some sunshine to your summer birthday party or event. The yellow of sunflowers brightens up the kraft paper perfectly. A cracker is also a great alternative to a gift box for a small sized gift such as jewellery or sweets.

Love these ideas? Take a look at our full Sunflower Summer adults inspiration area for more colourful creative concepts. Don’t forget the little ones, they’ll love these colourful sunflower ideas for kids.