Summer Strawberry Birdhouse Craft Idea

Take a look at our unusual birdhouse craft idea inspired by the Wimbledon tennis Championships. This is a simple craft that turns a miniature wooden birdhouse into a little bit of ornamental fun!

Wimbledon is famous for its strawberries and cream so this idea celebrates the strawberry in two different ways.

We also designed a tennis court inspired paper mache bird box to complement the strawberries!

See idea: Summer Strawberry Birdhouse Craft Idea

Follow our quick guide to create a Strawberry Birdhouse:

Paint the wooden birdhouse with white acrylic paint to provide a base for your colour. Leave to dry.

For the red strawberry, apply Cherry Red acrylic paint to the main body of the birdhouse, do not paint the roof. Leave to dry and apply a second coat if needed.

Once dry and using Spring Green acrylic paint, apply  to the birdhouse roof. Once again, leave to dry, applying a second coat if needed.

To create ‘seeds’ on the red strawberry stick self adhesive gold 2mm jewels  around the main body of the birdhouse. Cut two leaves from some green card and make a hole in the leaves base. Thread onto the birdhouse hanging cord and you have a strawberry birdhouse!

If you are making the green birdhouse, apply Spring Green acrylic paintall over and leave to dry, applying a second coat if needed.

Take the green birdhouse and apply some holographic strawberry stickers. Add a green bow to the top of the birdhouse and you have your second summer strawberry design completed!

Create  a tennis court birdhouse with these easy to follow instructions:

  1. We used a small paper mache bird box. Paint the front and back body of the bird box with white acrylic paint to provide a base for your colour. Leave to dry.
  2. Next apply Avocado acrylic paint to the bird box body, apply a second coat if needed when it has dried.
  3. Using green felt, cover the roof of the bird box to create the ‘grass’.
  4. Measure and cut a strip of white craft foam, approximately 1cm wide, glue over the top of the ‘grass’ along the center.
  5. Create some tennis balls using Lime Green card (we drew around the base of our acrylic paint bottle to make a circle approximately 3.5cm in diameter). Using a white pen or by cutting from white paper or card, create the tennis ball detail ( we looked at a tennis ball pictures for inspiration!)
  6. Using foam pads, stick the tennis balls randomly around the bird box, we only used three but you can use as many as you’d like!

These themed birdhouse craft ideas are great for a summer party, gifts, party crafting session or as an unusual ornament.

They are designed for indoor display, however they could be used as garden party decorations as long as the sun is shining, but make sure you bring them inside before any rain!

Display your Wimbledon inspired birdhouses together or pick your favourite design get creating!

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