Striking Summer Sunflower Birdhouses

Add a touch of summer to your home decor with our Sunflower birdhouse or bird box craft ideas.

Taking inspiration form the stunning yellows and vibrant greens of a sunflower we have decorated two of our birdhouses using acrylic paint, decoupage and fabric sunflowers.

Our summery sunflower birdboxes have a wooden base and have been decopatched using a napkin technique. We love napkins, they are a great alternative to decopatch paper and come in a wide variety of designs and colours.

You will need:

Choose a bird box from our wide selection of designs and sizes. We used wooden birdhouses for this project but you could use paper mache if you preferred.

TOP TIP: Most of our bird houses have a rope or ribbon for hanging. To keep this out the way whilst painting and decopatching, we stuck a thin dowel (you could use a kebab stick with the points cut off) into the hole in the top of the birdbox and thread the rope hook over it. As you can see in the picture, it kept it out of the way. Just be careful of your eyes!

Once you have decorated your birdhouse with acrylic paint and decoupage paper or napkins you can add embellishment, we added some self adhesive gems and fabric sunflowers.

Once completed find the perfect place too display your bird box and admire your work! Summer Sunflower bird boxes make a great gift too, try experimenting with other types of flowers and customise the idea for a loved one.

For full instructions on how to make your own sunflower birdhouse visit :

Decopatch Sunflower Birdhouse or Bird Box Craft Idea page

Bird house and birdbox crafts are fun for all ages and are a brilliant way to brighten up your home or garden this summer. There are a few different materials to choose from and a lot more ways to decorate them!

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