Pom Poms

Whether you call them pom poms, pom-poms or pompoms they are a bright, fun and fluffy addition to any craft project.

Pom-pom is derived from the French word pompon, which refers to a small decorative ball made of fabric or feathers.

Pom-poms come in many colours, sizes and varieties. They can be used to top a winter hat or added to a Christmas cracker to create Ruldolphs red nose, their uses are endless!

Easter Pom Pom Party Bag Ties – See idea

Here are 3 of our favourite pom pom uses:

1: Pom Pom spiders: Create fun spooky spiders using black pom poms, or design your own species with any colour.

Making Pom Pom Spiders – See idea

2: Red noses for Rudolph: Red pom poms are perfect for creating Rudolph the reindeer’s red nose, try it on Christmas crackers or gift bags.

Rudolph Cracker Kit – Shop here

3: littlecraftybugs: From bats to princesses, pom pom bug kits that are a perfect bit of fun.

Pom Pom Craft Kits – Shop here

Our selection of pom poms come in a variety of colours and range in size from 3mm to 90mm in diameter, a pom pom for every craft project!

Tinsel pom poms add a little extra sparkle to everything and pompom strings are a great trim for crafts and clothing.

Take a look at the Pom Pom Shopping Guide for more ideas and inspiration that use pom poms.

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