Make an Origami Crane String for Weddings and Events

Origami is a popular papercraft. The magic of turning a simple piece of paper into a creature or object by simply folding is magical for Origami makers around the world.

The word Origami is derived from two Japanese words – Ori (folded) and Kami (paper). Origami (originally Orikata meaning folded shape) is an ancient art, recognisable back to the time of the Samurai who gave each other gifts known as noshi.  Paper was folded with a strip of fish inside, this was then considered to be a good luck token.

Origami has also been used in a religious sense. The Japanese word for paper “kami” is the same written word as the Japanese word for spirit or god and certain origami models were part of their religious ceremonies.

In the modern world, Origami is often used as a way to relax the mind . Aside from the paper plane, the Origami Crane is one the most well known folding techniques and is now seen as a symbol of peace and luck throughout the world. A beautiful way to use these colourful creations is to create Origami Crane string decoration, perfect for a Wedding, event or just as a smaller home decor project.

For this project you will need:


How to make Origami Cranes

Follow the illustrated instructions below or watch the step-by-step Youtube video to make your paper cranes. Believe us, it looks complex but once you’ve made the first Crane you’ll find it pretty easy.

If you’re going to make a huge number of Cranes for the decoration idea shown above for a wedding or event, why not rope in friends, family, bridesmaids etc. You’ll have a pile of paper Cranes ready to thread in no time.


Did you know?

The smallest origami crane in the world was made by Naito Akira who folded plastic film to a tiny 0.1 by 0.1 mm. The largest origami crane made measured a massive 256 ft 6 inches.

How to thread the Origami Cranes

Once you have made as many Origami cranes as you need, you can string them into decorations. You can just use string or you can embellish the string further using beads. You can thread the birds onto the string at intervals or thread them closely together for a curtain effect (as below). Just tie your knots closer or further apart depending on the finish you want.


To thread the birds, we would recommend using a fishing wire, plastic beading wire or a strong cord. You can also use twine, ribbon and string but we would recommend this for smaller projects only as they will be harder to thread and more time consuming.

  1. Measure and cut your length of cord, remember to leave extra length to hang your decoration. If you are making multiple strings, you could do these all at the same length or make them various different lengths for a wave effect.
  2. Tie a knot in the bottom of the cord. You will need a needle to thread the birds onto the string.
  3. If using beads, thread a bead onto the string.
  4. Then thread a Crane onto the string.
  5. Add another bead if using and then tie a knot above the bird to keep the bead in place.
  6. Repeat at required intervals until you reach the end of your cord.
  7. Tie a knot above the final bird. Remember to leave a length of cord at the top for hanging.

Did you know?

An ancient Japanese legend says that if you fold one thousand paper cranes you will be granted a wish. What better day to get a wish than your wedding day?

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