King & Queen of Hearts Valentine’s Cracker Craft Idea

Make Valentine’s Day go with a bang by giving that special someone a Valentine’s cracker!

This simple idea can be made for your Queen or King of Hearts and filled with a little something special.

We have created two easy to use downloadable PDFs that you can print to create either a standard or jumbo sized Valentine’s cracker.

Here’s what you will need:

Optional extras:

Embellishments, browse Love Hearts & Roses to find ribbons, confetti and more!

How To:

1: Make and fill your cracker with your gift. You could add some confetti inside your cracker for an extra explosion of colour when it is pulled!

Check out our cracker making guide for full instructions: How to Make Our Crackers (With Video)

2: Print off the Queen of Hearts PDF with instructions or the King of Hearts PDF with instructions.

Measure your cracker and draw guidelines before cutting out the Queen or King of Hearts as per the instructions in the PDF.

You could add glitter or self adhesive jewels to your King or Queen of Hearts PDF. It’s easier to do while the cracker wrap is still flat!

3: Cut out the cracker wraps following your drawn guidelines.

You may have to trim away any remaining guidelines but you can leave them as a border if you want to!

4: To create a 3D card effect, use a craft knife to cut along the edges indicated in the instructions.

5: Use double sided tape to attach the wraps around the cracker and you have finished!

Take a look at our finished Queen & King of Heart crackers:

Why not add some little extra touches to each cracker.

We used tulle net to create bows and applied glitter on our jumbo rose pink King of Hearts cracker.

Tie some curling ribbon around a rose red standard cracker, then add few self adhesive jewels!

Create a cracker that your Valentine will love!

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