5 Fun Pirate Craft Ideas for Kids – Jump Aboard The Crafty Pirate Ship!

Ahoy Me Hearties! Pirate crafts are always a popular choice of craft theme for kids of all ages, even older kids can’t resist making a pirate hat (even if it is just to take ‘selfies’ with). So climb aboard the good ship littlecraftybugs and get creative with our sea-faring craft kits and supplies.

If you’re looking for pirate craft projects that make a change from the traditional pirate hat, there’s a great choice of themed crafts. Explore the world with a handmade mini treasure map and find the long-lost treasure chest.  Build your own mini pirate ship and sail the seven seas (well, the local pond maybe!). You could even make your own treasure chest and fill it with edible chocolate treasure.
1. Make a Pirate Hat – See our Range of Kits and Bases

Make a Pirate Hat

Of course, the starting point for every pirate is the hat and there’s a whole host of colours and materials for you to choose from!  Make a traditional black pirate hat or set a new trend in the pirate world with a more brightly coloured base. You can choose from card or foam bases, depending on which materials you plan to use to decorate it. To make pirate hats into a brilliant mess-free craft, just embellish using themed stickers and self-adhesive gems. Although, if you’re in a hurry, grab one of our ready-to-go pirate hat craft kits which include everything you need.

2. Make a Treasure Chest – See our Collection of Bases

Pirate Treasure Chest

Every pirate is on the search for the long-lost treasure that will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. So your little pirates should make something to keep their stash of riches in, even if it does comprise mostly of chocolate! Depending on your budget and craft time, there are a selection of bases to choose from. A simple treasure chest craft could be a card chest with some themed stickers and self adhesive jewels. Whereas a more timely craft would be a decopatch treasure chest, using a paper mache chest as the base. You could even surprise the kids by filling their treasure chests with treats for them to take home. They’ll really feel like they’ve found lost treasure!

3. Make a Treasure Map

For a simple activity, get the kids to design and colour their own maps on a sheet of paper. You could even tea stain it first for an aged look. Looking for more of a ready-to-go idea? Try one of popular sticker scene treasure maps which comes with ready printed map backgrounds and colourful pirate themed stickers.

4. Design Your Own Pirate Flags

Every pirate ship needs it’s own flag to distinguish itself from the other galleons. Use plain white flags as the base and give the kids a selection of stickers, self adhesive jewels, stencils and pens to decorate them with. Don’t forget to add a skull and crossbones for a real pirate look. We have stickers and foam shapes that would be perfect for the job.

5. Make Pirate Crackers – See Kits

PIrate Crackers

You may not know but it was pirate tradition to have crackers to pull at a party. Well, maybe not but we’d like to think so! Try your hand at our exclusively designed cracker making kits, available in three colours. They can be made before your event as party bags or table favours or older kids could make them as part of the craft session.

These are just a few of our favourite pirate craft session ideas but we have a whole host of crafts to suit every budget. So get set, the pirate adventure starts here: http://www.littlecraftybugs.co.uk/kids-crafts/themed-crafts-for-kids/pirate-crafts-traditional.html