Imaginative Paper Mache Eggs

It’s amazing what you can do with one paper mache egg design.

We gave our staff members the same paper mache egg and asked them to decorate it using whatever craft supplies they liked.

The results were outstanding!

Take a look at what ideas they came up with when presented with the same paper mache egg: Large open fronted paper mache egg

Marvellous Monsters!

Cute, but but not scary! Some staff members used the paper mache egg to create colourful monsters.

They created their monster eggs using:

Racing Red

This egg was completely transformed into a vibrant red racing car!

Create your own egg racing car using:

Steampunk Style

Two of our staff members were inspired by the Steampunk trend and created these unique ornamental eggs.

One uses old clock parts as embellishments glued on top of a base coat of acrylic paint. Glitter is glued to the inside to add a mysterious shine from inside.

The other has a decoupage base with a leather effect cover, created by sewing craft foam pieces together. Cogs were created out of card and metallic foils then finally a newspaper rose was added at the end.

What the steampunk look used:

Crazy cute chicks!

These eggs have a fun chick theme that make everyone smile! The chick egg would be a great idea for a kids craft or family crafting session. As one chick lounges comfortably in their egg, the other seems to have emerged feet first and may need a little help!

To make a chirpy chick egg you will need:

Eggs-cellent puns…

Three humorous designs, that definitely think outside the box, a ‘baked potato’ egg, ‘Cadbury’s Creme egg’ egg and another that looks suspiciously like a member of staff…!

What they used:

Happy Hopper

A bright fun bunny craft ideal for a kids craft and Easter party decoration.

Create a bunny:

Day of the Dead themed egg

A Day of the Dead egg was created with an elaborate permanent marker design drawn onto the egg, which had a base coat of white acrylic paint. Jewels were then added for a final touch.

Design your own Day of the Dead egg:

We hope that all our staff members egg ideas inspire you to try something a little different when decorating your eggs this Easter.

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