How to Organise an Easter Egg Hunt

Want to plan an Easter egg hunt at home for the kids or for a small group? Or are you organising a huge Easter event? Here’s some hints and tips to get you started on planning the best Easter Egg Hunt in town!

Start by deciding where you are going to hold your egg hunt. Inside or outside? If you are planning a bigger event, you will need to decide and advertise a time and date too! How many children are you planning for and how many eggs will they get each? Once you have decided on these key things, it’s time to get started on your shopping…

Get the basics…

The basis of an Easter Egg hunt is something to hunt for! The most popular option is to hide plastic eggs filled with treats for the kids to find. Our huge range of coloured and themed fillable plastic eggs has something for everyone. You can fill the eggs with the traditional wrapped chocolate eggs but if If you’re looking for a healthier option fill with boxes of raisins and other ‘healthy’ snacks or try some Easter themed toys and favours instead. Stuck for time? Try our pre-filled plastic eggs, available in various themes.

Your egg seekers will need something to put their collection of colourful eggs into. That’s when baskets and buckets come in! Choose from the traditional long handled wicker egg hunt baskets or the more modern option of  bright plastic bucket; there’s a whole host to choose from. These can be used exactly as they are but you may want to embellish your basket with some ribbons, stickers, tulle. You could also layer the bottom of the basket with some shred for the eggs to nestle into.

You can also take the hassle out of egg hunt organisation for any group size with our themed and coloured Easter egg hunt sets. Just add fillers to the eggs and you’re ready to go!

Add to your event…

Eggs and baskets are the two most basic things you need to organise an egg hunt, just choose your designs and you’re ready to go. However, if you are planning a bigger event or want to add some extra Easter fun to your egg hunt you may want to add some of the following things to your shopping list.

  • Egg hunt signs and banners – direct your attendees to where the fun will start
  • Easter photo booth – a great way to remember the event
  • Easter themed decorations
  • Balloons for decoration or as gifts
  • Bunting to decorate the route or the ‘starting table’
  • Medals or stickers for when the seekers complete the egg hunt
  • Easter temporary tattoos – Ideal as egg fillers or as an alternative to face paints

You can shop our full range of Egg Hunt Accessories, to find all of the above and more!

Start the search!

Will you hide the eggs and let the kids loose to find them? Or will you give them clues to help them find the hidden treats? You could even direct them using our Easter Bunny footprints or egg hunt signs (find them here). Below we’ve chosen a few clue ideas to get you started if you’re planning an egg hunt at home…


  • Letterbox – Things come through here, thick and thin. Take a look where the letters come in…
  • Bed – Warm and cosy, don’t make a peep. I’m feeling quite tired, is it time to sleep?
  • Dining Room –  I have four legs but cannot walk, you sit at me to use your fork.
  • Fridge – If you’re in a hungry mood, you’ll go here first to find some food.
  • Misc. – Wondering where your next egg could be? Go and look ______ and you will see!


  • Grass – It’s short and green and rhymes with glass, you’ll find the next clue on the ____.
  • Flower Pot – Go outside and search a lot, your next clue is near a _____.
  • Shed – Look higher, look a little lower. Your next clue is in the place we keep the mower.

Ready to get started? Shop our Easter Egg Hunt Supplies and view our full collection of fillable plastic eggs, egg hunt baskets and other accessories.