How To Make Your Own Wool Pom Poms

Wool pom poms are a fun craft for adults and kids alike. Make them just as they are  or use them to accessorise sewing projects and home décor projects. We made our pom poms using pre-cut rug wool (latch hook yarn), which is much easier when you need to make lots of them for a craft project. One pack of rug wool will make two decently sized pom poms. If you’re making them as a craft project with kids, you may want to use the traditional method instead as it makes more of a substantial craft.

In our video, we use a pink pom pom to make a pig and a yellow one to make a chick. You could also use your pom pom to make a red rudolph nose, we simply threaded it onto some elastic and hey presto, you have a red pom pom reindeer nose. As well as wearing your pom pom nose, you could thread them onto gifts instead of a parcel bow. We also used wool pom poms to make cute angel and ballerina peg dolls, perfect idea for a kids craft sessions.


Make a Wool Pom Pom Using Rug Wool

  1. First, using half a pack of rug wool, align the wool to find the middle.
  2. Put a long piece of elastic across the centre of the bunch and then tie a big piece of wool around the middle of the bunch.  You will not be able to use a piece of rug wool for this, as it will be too short.
  3. Pull tight so that the wool bunches up. You will need to tie a double knot to make sure it’s secure and no bits of wool will fall out.
  4. Cut off any excess of the tying wool and fluff up the pom pom. We find it best to roll the pom pom between the palms of your hands.
  5. Trim off any odd ends and there you have a woollen pom pom!