How To Make Crackers

It’s a firm belief here at the littlecraftybugs company that crackers are not just for Christmas. Crackers make a great alternative to gift and party bags for any event, including Weddings and birthday parties.

They are perfect for ‘paper gifts’ such as gift cards and tickets, instead of just a plain envelope. You could make a personalised cracker to hold your gift, tying it in with the ‘theme’ of the gift. For example, if you’ve bought someone tickets to see their favourite sports team play, tie the cracker colours in with the team’s colours. If you’ve bought tickets to the ballet, add a big tulle net bow to your cracker. Cinema tickets could have a film reel around the barrel, travel tickets could have a piece of map around the cracker or a luggage tag; there’s so many possibilities and we’d love to see your ideas.

Our exclusive mini crackers are brilliant for holding wedding favours. You could even fill them with confetti, so that when they are pulled the confetti flies out! See our wedding cracker range for more inspiration.

Here’s a short step-by-step video from our Youtube channel, showing you how to assemble our popular cracker making kits and blanks.