Getting Into Sewing with WITT


When learning a new craft, it can often be a little daunting knowing which tools you need to start out with and where to look for that initial inspiration, but don’t let that put you off.

For many sewing isn’t just a pastime, it’s a life skill. Whether your teenager wants a patch adding to their denim jacket, or you find yourself needing to fix up a minor hole that would normally see you throw away expensive clothing – sewing is the answer.

Why not get your little ones started early too? Ensuring by the time they’re all grown up, they’re able to sew a button back on, darn a sock or even make their own clothing from scratch.


  • Add your unique flair and style to your wardrobe

Adding a patch, or embroidering a new design onto some of your less-worn clothes will breathe new life into them – you’ll have the pride of knowing that no one is wearing the same style as you.

  • Being creative

Sewing is a productive way to spend your time, not only that, but it’s a great opportunity to get creative. There’s nothing more rewarding than finding a new solution with a new seam technique, trying a new hem or threading the last detail onto your carefully crafted item.

  • There’s always something new to master

No matter if you’re pattern making or starting a new and more adventurous project – there’s always a new skill to try and master. By keeping your brain active, you’ll always be finding new and more creative solutions.


  • Sewing machine

Whether you’re planning a big project or wanting to try out a few patterns to whet your appetite, you’ll need a reliable sewing machine. The E & R Classic Sewing Machine 22 Stitch KP883 is an affordable and reliable companion to get you started.

This model has a wealth of helpful features that will help you get the best possible start with your soft furnishings and garments. The integrated variable speed control means you can run your fabrics at your own pace. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the machine has plenty left to offer you and you’ll be finding new ways to employ it, time and time again.

  • Hand sewing kit

An essential part of any hobbyist’s sewing equipment is a proper hand sewing kit. This 26 Piece Sewing Kit is vital for doing those quick little patch-ups on delicate items when your sewing machine might not be suitable. This set even comes with transparent thread to use on your garments, so there’s no need to worry about colour matching.

  • Sewing bag

To give your sewing machine a long life, you need to care for it properly. This handy Sewing Machine Bag is perfect for keeping the dust and dirt away from your new sewing machine. It also means you can move your sewing machine from place to place with ease – perfect if a friend asks for your help to patch something up with your new found sewing skills.

If you’re looking to get into sewing, why not checkout WITT International’s full range of home essentials and crafting accessories online.