Fun Ghostbusters Craft Projects for All Ages

With the new Ghostbusters movie being released tomorrow, we can’t wait to see the new version (even though the original will always hold a special place in our hearts). Take a trip down memory lane with this cool Ghostbusters themed craft ideas and projects for crafters of all ages that we have collected from across the web.

1. 3D Cubecraft Ghostbusters Crew Templates


These cute cube shaped characters are a fun and mess free papercraft for older kids and adults. Choose from a whole host of characters including the four main Ghostbusters and a collection of their monsters and ghosts. Download and print out the templates you want and get cutting and sticking. We recommend using double sided tape for this as it’s an instant stick. Also glue may warp the paper or card as it dries, ruining your hard work. You can download the templates from CyberDrone on DeviantArt.

2. Hama Bead Ghostbusters Logo Idea


Love Hama beads? Try this funky Ghostbusters logo design, perfect for adults and older kids. Younger kids could try a simplified version for which you can find lots of templates on Google and Pinterest.

3. Ghostbusters Cross Stitch Idea

This cool cross stitch pattern is great to make for a Ghostbusters lover! Put the finished product in a frame or a tri-fold card blank with a frame front. You could also adapt this idea for Hama beads.

4. Edible Stay Puft from Ghostbusters

These sweet (literally!) edible Mr Stay Pufts are perfect for a Halloween or Ghostbusters themed party. See how to make them over on Tikkido’s blog here.

5. Stay Puft Bauble Idea

This cool idea from Ginger Pots is painted onto a glass bauble but you could also use a ceramic bauble. Perfect for the Christmas Tree of a Ghostbusters lover. Shop our range of bauble bases and acrylic paints.

6. Ghostbusters Logo Party Bags

This idea can be made simply with a print out of the Ghostbusters logo or you can hand make the logo if you are feeling arty. Shop our range of paper gift bags here.