Football Team Inspired Christmas Crafts

Be inspired by your favourite team colours and create themed Christmas crackers, gift wrap and decorations.

We decided to use the colours of Manchester United as our inspiration, a bold red and white theme, and created 6 craft ideas for Christmas, parties and celebrations.

You could be inspired by several teams or even a league, to create the perfect themed look for the football crazy people in your life.

1: Team Colour Crackers – See idea


Make your own crackers can be decorated to fit in with any theme or occasion. If you have a passion for football, or know someone who does, you’ll love our football themed cracker idea.

2: 3D Papercraft Christmas Cards with a Team Twist – See idea


Our Manchester United Football Club team colour crafts would not be complete without the addition of papercraft cards. These cards are created from red and white card, but you can use the colours of any team for inspiration.

No templates were used, all you need is your imagination and some inspiration, also this craft is a great way to use up odds and ends in your craft boxes.

3: Red and White Inspired Gift Envelopes, Boxes and Wrap – See idea


For our football team inspired gift boxes and wrap we stayed with our Manchester United team colours, red and white, to create a few ideas.

Using delicate decoupage paper for gift envelopes, Kraft red wrapping paper to create a concertina style gift wrap and white paper mache boxes to craft a unique team coloured gift box.

Entry closes at 12 am 19th November 2016. Winner will be contacted by email within 7 days of competition end.

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4: Football Team Glitter Glass Baubles – See idea

idea0347 1

Glass baubles can be transformed by applying glitter in your favourite football teams colours. As our inspiration was taken from the colours of Manchester United we used Christmas Red and Snowflake white fine glitter on the inside of the glass bauble.

For a bit of added fun we made some red and white striped ‘scarves’ from

5: Football Team Inspired Plastic Baubles – See idea


We created some fun plastic bauble ideas which would look great hanging on the Christmas tree or adorning a mantel garland. You can create these baubles in any size or team colour, selecting embellishments that compliment your theme.

Mini stockings, mini Santa hats and simple crafted foam shapes, like our Father Christmas face, look great suspended in our two part plastic baubles.

6: Pipecleaner Bear Craft – See idea


These cute pipecleaner bears can be crafted in any colour to compliment your crafting theme.

We have used them to add a bit of fun decoration to our football team inspired Christmas crafts, but they can be used as small party favours, gift embellishments, fundraising crafts or even as a promotional tool, all made in the appropriate colours to compliment your themes.

Remember all these ideas can be adapted to suit all your favourite team colours or Christmas themes.

The red and white palette also compliments a Scandinavian themed Christmas, you can discover more Scandinavian craft supplies here.

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