Felt Easter Bunny and Chick Craft Idea

This Easter bunny and chick are cut from felt using the same template. Each body is then sewn together with wings, legs and feet and stuffed. Small details made from felt as well as small decorative items are then glued on.

This is a great rainy day craft that the family can enjoy together and could even be used as an educational tool to help develop kids hand-eye co-ordination.

You will need:

  1. Felt sheets
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors for kids
  4. Thread
  5. Needle
  6. Googly eyes (optional)
  7. Felt Easter Bunny and Chick PDF template

1: Print and cut out the template which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Double over a piece of felt to make the body. Draw the outline of the template onto the doubled-over piece of felt and cut it out. Cut out all the other parts individually in your chosen colours.

2: Glue the beak, eyes and other small decorative items onto the front of the body using PVA glue and leave to dry. You could use plastic googly eyes instead of felt.

3: Place the two pieces of felt for the body on top of each other with the feet and wings between the two pieces. Sew together with tacking stitches along the edge using cotton cord. Leave a small opening in order to fill the shape with stuffing.

4: Fill the shape with stuffing and sew the hole together, you could use cotton wool as a stuffing substitute.

5: Glue the small fabric bow on top of the felt bow and attach both onto the shape, using PVA glue and leave to dry.

Let the kids imaginations go wild, add extra spots or even stripes! They’ll love creating their own unique bunny or chick!

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