Easy Origami Money Wallet

This origami envelope or wallet is a great idea, perfect for every ocassion, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Easter, weddings or birthdays!

Just follow the simple steps below, ideal for money or a gift card.

Easy Origami Money Wallet or Envelope:

  • You will need one sheet of square origami paper (a good size to use is 15 x 15 cm, or 20 x 20 cm.)

Start with your paper white side up.

1. Fold the paper in half, left to right. Unfold.

2. You now have a vertical crease in middle. Fold the left and right edges to the the central crease.

3. Fold the top edge of the paper down to the bottom edge, make sure this fold is nice and neat.

4. Fold the left and right corners inwards, along the creases you made previously.5. Fold the left and right sides in, leaving one layer behind and making the diagonal folds, mountain folds.

6. This is what you should have. Next, fold the left and right sections behind. The back and the front should be exactly the same.

7. Fold the bottom left and right edges to the middle. Leaving one layer behind.

8. Imagine that the lower section is divided into 4 equal sections. Fold the lower section up, along the first imaginary line from the top.9. Fold the lower section up again, along the central crease.

10. This is the result.

11. Flip the model over, left to right.

Repeat the steps you performed, on this side.

12. Rotate the envelope and it is now complete.If you enjoyed making this easy origami envelope, check out our blog pages for more craft ideas and inspiration.

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