DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Add some fun decorations to your party celebrations with these easy to make tissue paper pom poms.

Paper pom poms are quite easy to craft, although the technique may need a little practice, but the results can be stunning. You can craft them in any colour, don’t be afraid to experiment, or even adapt them to suit a theme. Add embellishments, like self adhesive jewels for a bit of glamour or mix up all the colours and sizes for a great visual effect.

Start with the basics…

Pom pom

You can use these pom poms as they are, or embellish them. Make them as big or as small as you like, maybe even mix up all the colours and sizes.

  1. Count out 10 sheets of tissue paper and lay them out stacked on top of each other on a flat surface. The shorter side of the tissue paper should be facing you. The bigger the paper you use, the bigger the pom pom
  2. Accordion fold your tissue paper making each fold approximately 1 inch wide. Fold all the way to the end of the tissue paper.
  3. Tie the string or ribbon around your tissue paper at the halfway point of the paper.
  4. Shape both ends of the concertina with scissors, you will get a different shaped pom pom depending on a curved or triangular cut.
  5. Gently separating the tissue paper one sheet at a time, fluffing your flower. Work carefully so as not to tear the tissue paper
  6. Continue until the tissue paper pom pom is complete!

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Now it’s time to get creative…


You can use tissue paper pom poms to create an attractive shabby chic sunflower, great for a summer celebration.


Create a tissue paper pastel pom pom tree, perfect for baby showers!


Craft beloved characters, like the Cheshire Cat, by adding card or paper shapes, a wonderful addition to any party!

Comp Poms

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Entry closes at 12 am 22nd August 2016. Winner will be contacted by email within 7 days of competition end. Prize consists of one tissue paper making set, contents as listed above.

Don’t fancy making your own from scratch? We also have a range of 41cm tissue paper pom poms, ready to use in a wide variety of colours, great as an alternative to creating your own.

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