Creative Silk and Foam Clay Kids Crafts

Foam and silk clay is a great modelling medium for kids to enjoy and engage with. Perfect for getting the kids involved in modelling.

Foam Clay contains small polystyrene beads, which makes the texture simple and decorative to use for covering all sorts of items. The process is simple – roll small balls of Foam Clay, press them firmly onto the item and spread evenly with your fingers and leave to dry. When dry it has a firm and hard surface.

Silk Clay is self-hardening, pliable, soft and lightweight, but retains its soft and rubber-like texture when dry, also easy to use by kids. Silk clay can be used to cover items or used on it’s own as a Madeline clay.

Take a look at our idea pages for Foam and Silk Clay kids crafting inspiration using these versatile products. If you want to try your hand at using clay but want some inspiration to start you off, our kits and gift sets might be just what you’re looking for.


It doesn’t get any easier than this! Challenge your kids imagination while creating a fun bouncy monster ball. Silk clay dries bouncy!

halloween foam clay copy

Make shapes from Foam Clay and hang them up as decorations. All you need to do is roll the clay flat and cut out designs using cookie cutters.

Looking for Silk Clay Halloween craft ideas? Silk clay is also great for making Halloween spooks. Using wooden dolly pegs the kids can use their imaginations to create their own Halloween monsters!

If monsters are a favourite, you may like our ready-to-go Foam and Silk Clay ugly monster kits, available in red, blue or black. Perfect as a gift set or stocking filler for crafty kids.


pm 1

Wooden and  paper  mache decorations, frames or shapes can  be covered with Foam or Silk Clay fro a textured finish. These clays are available in many different colours, so go wild and add some colour to your crafts! You can completely cover the surface or partly cover a dry painted colourful surface. Push rhinestones into the wet Foam Clay to add an extra sparkle, glue is not needed!

Kids can use their imagination to create their own colourful decorated items, to keep or give as special gifts for friends and family. Be inspired here!

Get to grips with the basics of Silk Clay and Foam Clay with these easy videos. They show you how to use the clay, mix your own colours and gives you some extra inspiration too.

View our full range of silk and foam clay colours and get started on your crafts. Know a crafty kid that would love this? Give them a gift set so they can give it a try! Perfect as a stocking filler for Christmas.

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