Crafty Chalkboard Bauble Ideas and Inspiration

We love these chalkboard baubles, great for creating unique personalised crafts for Christmas and all other occasions. They add a lovely touch to your Christmas tree or can bring delight as a gift!

Easy to decorate, so suitable for everyone, they can be a quick an easy way to add a touch of craft to your celebrations.

You can add sentiments, names or seasonal greetings using chalkboard markers or a liquid chalk pen, making them a wonderful personalised gift.

You can use traditional chalks to decorate the chalkboard baubles but you have to take great care when handling as the chalk can easily be brushed off. For a more permanent decoration we would recommend using chalkboard markers or liquid chalkboard pens, although both can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Here are a few ideas that we put together:

1: Christmas Greetings


This is a simple but effective decoration for a chalkboard bauble. Using either a chalkboard liquid pen or a chalkboard marker, write your favourite Christmas sentiments around your bauble, you could even use lyrics from your favourite carol or song.

2: Baby’s First Christmas


Why not use a chalkboard liquid pen and a few simple embellishments to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas! Perfect as a gift for the proud parents.

3: Ribbons and Jewels


These chalkboard baubles can look fabulous decorated with ribbons, bells, jewels and other embellishments, either as an accompaniment to the chalkboard markers and liquid pen, or on their own.

4: Bauble and Chalk Place card


You can craft a unique alternative to place cards at the dinner table, using 70mm black chalkboard baubles, tie a chalk to a length of ribbon and attach to the bauble hanger. Write your guests name and place on the dinner table. Encourage your guests to create their own masterpieces for after dinner entertainment!

5: Chalkboard markers and Liquid chalk pens


Chalkboard markers are available in a great variety of colours and can be used easily on chalkboard baubles as well as glass and non porous surfaces. They can be used on their own or a touch of glitz can be added with self adhesive jewels.


Chalkboard liquid chalk pens create a more solid mark on chalkboard baubles but do take longer to dry s some patients is needed when using them. They can also be used on other non porous surfaces and removed easily with a damp cloth.

For some helpful hints and tips using chalkboard markers and liquid chalkboard pens take a look at the How To tab on our chalkboard bauble ideas page here>

We hope you have been inspired by these few examples of how you can make your chalkboard bauble shine!

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