Count Your Buttons Day – 21st October

21st October is officially ‘Count Your Buttons Day‘. Yes, you read that right, a day to count up your button collection. No-one knows who started this “event” but whoever it was obviously had a lot of spare time on his or her hands!

If you love using buttons in your crafts but don’t quite have enough time to count the ones you own, why not celebrate the day with some funky NEW buttons instead? Whether you’re looking for colourful festive buttons, funky printed designs or unusual shaped buttons, there’s a whole world of buttons waiting to be discovered in our button shop. We love the packs containing various shades of a single colour, perfect if you’re looking to match a specific theme or colour scheme.

They’re so adaptable and can be used for a range of crafts including sewing work, scrap-booking, card making and can be used to embellish almost any object! Pinterest is full of funky home decor ideas using buttons, including lampshades, shoes and gift wrapping.

Buttons are also brilliant for kids craft projects, threading activities and even as a counting activity. Over on our Facebook page, Emma says “I don’t count mine. I don’t even organise them, that’s my 6 year olds job :)”. All you need is a range of coloured buttons and something to sort them into!