10 Awesome Glass Bauble Craft Ideas

Glass baubles are great way to craft beautiful unique decorations or ornaments. They are available in so many different shapes and sizes and ideal for creating unique and charming crafts.
They are perfect as a decorative wedding piece or adorning a Christmas tree; even as a gift for someone special or a commemorative memento.
We have put together 10 glass bauble craft ideas for you to take a look at and be inspired to create your own glass bauble masterpiece!

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Make an Origami Crane String for Weddings and Events

Origami is a popular papercraft. The magic of turning a simple piece of paper into a creature or object by simply folding is magical for Origami makers around the world.

The word Origami is derived from two Japanese words – Ori (folded) and Kami (paper). Origami (originally Orikata meaning folded shape) is an ancient art, recognisable back to the time of the Samurai who gave each other gifts known as noshi.  Paper was folded with a strip of fish inside, this was then considered to be a good luck token.

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