Boredom Buster Bugs – 5 Kids Insect Crafts for Half Term

Half term is fast approaching and the kids will be looking for a something fun to keep them occupied. Our designer, Maria, has created these cool boredom busting bug craft projects especially for the school holidays. Bringing relief to busy parents up and down the country, for whom the prospect of keeping excitable kids entertained for a whole week is looming.

These colourful projects are designed to not only get the creative juices flowing but also to encourage kids to interact with nature and the great outdoors. Each project focuses on one particular bug or insect, with fun facts accompanying each craft. Who said learning wasn’t fun?

These projects aren’t just ideal for half term but they can also be used as part of a bug themed lesson for Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 children. Just adapt the project to suit your pupils, budget and time frame.

1. Paper Cup Butterfly Feeder Craft IdeaSee Full Idea

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Our butterfly feeder craft idea is a great way to engage kids through craft and encourage them to take a look at insects and their environment. Give one of our three fun designs a try; the colourful butterfly, the creepy spider and the wriggly beetle. Once made, add slices of over-ripe fruit to the cup and watch in awe as the insects begin to feed.

Did you know? Butterflies have their taste receptors on their feet. This is one of the ways butterflies tell what plants to lay their eggs on. By standing on a leaf, they can taste it to see if their caterpillars can eat it. Most adult butterflies can’t bite or chew, so this is their only way of tasting.

2. 3D Caterpillar and Friends Craft IdeaSee Full Idea

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This 3D hanging caterpillar is a simple idea for kids, that can be made with supplies from your craft box. All you need is paper or card, wool or string, wobbly eyes and some glue. Kids can hang these colourful creatures in their rooms or outside, weather permitting. Why not try our other bug designs and hang them together to make a bright creepy crawly display?

Did you know? Caterpillars have six pairs of small eyes. These eyes cannot see images, but can detect light intensity.

3. Spider Web Game Craft Idea for KidsSee Idea

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Looking for a fun half term craft that’s simple for the kids to make? Try our colourful spider game, which can be crafted and then enjoyed by younger kids. Great for encouraging them to use their number skills. You can download the template that we used for the Spider Web here.

Did you know? Spiders are found on every continent of the world except Antarctica. There are around 40000 different species of spider. 

4. Bouncy Ladybird Bauble Craft Idea See Idea

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Our bouncy ladybird bauble idea is an easy quick craft , great for younger kids, that can be hung in a their room or outside on a sunny day. We put foam leaves and wooden ladybirds inside ours but you may like to use your child’s favourite bug instead.

Did you know? Ladybirds have two sets of wings. The outer set is the hard shell for protection, and the inner set are what it uses to fly. 

5. Buzzy Bee Headband or Party Hat Craft IdeaSee Idea

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These buzzy bee headbands are made using A4 sheets of paper and elastic. They are fun for kids to wear, and a great craft for the holidays or even kids parties. We made a range of headbands, bee, butterfly, beetle, spider and grasshopper. You could also create your own bug and have fun naming it.

Did you know? Bees have been around for more than 30 million years.

Love these ideas? Check out the full Boredom Buster Bugs concept. Don’t forget to take a look at our Half Term Crafts Pinterest board for more holiday craft inspiration too.