Bells for Crafts

Craft bells add a playful jingle and a little extra charm to many craft projects. Although they inspire festive nostalgia, craft bells can be used all year round for any celebration.

They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours so can be matched to most craft’s colour schemes and themes.

The sound of a craft bell bell depends greatly on its type and size. Smaller bells have a high pitch, whereas large bells have lower tones.

Here are a few things to note about the 3 most common types of crafting bells:

1: Jingle bells are a good all round crafting bell. They can be used for any craft project and perfect for kids crafts as they make a loud sound. Slightly square in shape from the way the are produced, they are measured diagonally to determine their size.

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2: Cat bells are slightly different from jingle bells. Cat bells are round, made from two semi-circular pieces of metal joined around the centre, sometimes creating a raised band around the circumference. Cat bells can be used for any craft but are popular in jewellry making because of their round shape and gentle sound. They are sized by measuring across their diameter.

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3: Liberty bells are shaped like the American iconic symbol of Independence, the Liberty Bell located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are very popular for Christmas crafts and do not produce much sound. A craft liberty bell’s size is found by measuring the diameter of the circular base of the bell.

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Remember, bells can add a magical touch to all your crafted gifts, decorations, ornaments and even jewellery, their use is only limited by your imagination!

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