8 Spooky Spider Crafts

Spider crafts can be fun!

With Halloween fast approaching we have put together 8 creepy crawly spider crafts, great for Halloween decorations, tricks or even treats!
Whether you’re making a pom pom spider, a springy spider bauble or a spider Halloween cracker, you can create decorative creepy crafts that can inspire laughter and screams of delight!

  1. Making Pom pom Spiders – See idea

spider mid 2

What are you going to do with your pom pom spiders when they are made? Hang them up, add them to boxes or turn them into fridge magnets, it’s up to you!

2. Springy Spider Bauble – See idea


Our bouncy spider bauble is an easy quick craft, great for younger kids. It can be hung in a their room, outside on a sunny day or used as a spooky decoration for Halloween.

3. Spider Headband – See idea


These spider headbands are made using A4 sheets of paper and elastic. They are fun for kids to wear, and a great craft for Halloween celebrations.

4. Spider Inspired Butterfly Feeder – See idea


Our spider inspired butterfly feeder for fruit craft idea is a great way to engage kids through craft. Take a look on Halloween to see what creepy critters you can find!

spider pom pom

Entry closes at 12 am 8th October 2016. Winner will be contacted by email within 7 days of competition end.

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5. Spider Web Game – See idea

Game blog

This is a simple to make spider game that can be crafted and then enjoyed by younger kids, encouraging them to use their number skills.

6. Smiley the Spider – See idea

smiley spide

We all end up with the cardboard tubes from toilet or kitchen rolls and egg boxes, so here’s an idea  for children to recycle them into something a bit more interesting!

7. Orange Halloween Spider Crackers – See idea


Our exclusive orange spider cracker boards and accessories are great for your Halloween party. The perfect trick or treat!

8. Purple Halloween Crackers – See idea


Take a look at our purple Halloween cracker boards and accessories to make 8 full sized fill your own crackers, a great addition to your Halloween party table.

We hope these ideas inspire you to embrace creepy crawlies this Halloween while also getting the kids crafting!

All these ideas are great additions to your Halloween celebrations, making perfect party crafts for everyone to make and take home.

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