6 Ways to Fill a Glass Bauble…

Glass baubles come in many different shapes and sizes so sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do with them!

We have put together 6 things that you can put inside a glass bauble, suitable for Christmas, birthday decorations, wedding and more.

Quick and easy to do glass baubles are a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree or celebration decorations. Use bauble stands to create unique table decorations or give them as personalised gifts.

Here are a few hints and tips:

  • When putting things inside a glass bauble carefully remove the metal bauble hanger and feed the filling through the neck. Do not force anything inside as this could break the glass, so make sure the item is small enough to fit.
  • Plan ahead! Pick your items and colours before you pop them inside as it can be difficult to get them out if you change your mind!
  • Use a narrow wooden stick or dowel to gentle move the items once inside the glass bauble being careful not to put pressure on the bauble neck or sides.
  • Replace the metal bauble cap and hanging hook as carefully as you removed it! It can be a little tricky but its worth it for the unique results.
  • If you do change your mind or do not like the filling, some items can be removed carefully using tweezers.


Perfect for any occassion, you can use one or fill the bauble


Fill your glass bauble to the desired level using sequins or confetti. You can always add more until you reach the desired effect or tip out any surplus.

Pom poms

These can be tricky to get through the glass bauble neck. Make sure you pick pom poms small enough so they do not put too much pressure on the glass neck when you insert them. We found that twisting the pom pom into the bauble is easier or using mini pom poms.

Moss & Pine

Create a great natural look with floristry moss and artificial pine. We removed a pine spray from an artificial pine branch and inserted it carefully through the glass bauble top. Add some floristry moss in larger baubles or use extra pine.

Pearl Bead Garlands

Available in vibrant colours they look fabulous inside larger glass baubles. Cut a small length from the bead garland and carefully insert them into the bauble until you achieve the desired look. We used 70mm glass baubles.


They come in so many different sizes they are a perfect bauble filler. We used 6mm jewel coloured bells in our small assorted glass bauble ornaments and Christmas coloured bells in a 80mm glass bauble.

Remember filled glass baubles are for decoration only so make sure they are displayed out of reach of children!

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