6 Stunning Plastic Bauble Craft Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching we have put together 6 of our favourite plastic bauble craft ideas for you to enjoy and be inspired.

Two part plastic baubles can be a fun and simple way to create something special for all occasions. Whether you use them for home decoration or to match your Christmas style, they can be crafted into stunning unique ornaments.

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they are suitable for many different craft projects.

1: Elegant Plastic Bauble Craft – See idea

idea0372 2

Be inspired by this simple yet elegant teardrop bauble idea.

Made with beads from secondhand jewellery, a pretty papercraft decoration and dove embellishments, the completed look has an opulent feel.

Perfect for adding that little bit of luxury to your Christmas decorations, or a personal touch to any celebration.

2: Football Team Inspired Bauble Idea – See idea

idea0346 13

Bring a a little of your favourite football team into your Christmas home decoration this year!

Using the colours of Manchester United for inspiration, we created some fun plastic bauble ideas which would look great hanging on the Christmas tree or adorning a mantel garland.

3: Monochrome Plastic Bauble – See idea

idea0345 1

Our monochrome decoupage bauble is a perfect way to create a unique look using our two part fillable plastic baubles, we used a 90mm bell shaped two part plastic bauble.

This idea is a great craft for all levels of crafters and can be adapted to suit all our plastic bauble shapes and sizes.

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4: Crafty Advent Baubles – See idea

bauble 7

Plastic fillable baubles can be decorated in a multitude of different ways and used for many occasions.

We have created a unique Advent bauble idea using metallic foils and bright colours to add some extra spice to your holiday decor.

5: Recycled Bead Bauble – See idea

idea0373 1

Create a beautiful opulent bead filled plastic bauble, perfect for your home or as a unique party decoration.

This idea is great for all levels of crafters and is quick to make too.

We used a 90mm UFO shaped two part plastic bauble and beads taken from an old bracelet purchased from a local charity store.

6: Christmas Bauble Cat Toy and Decoration – See idea


Use a two part fillable bauble to create a unique gift for your kitty!

It looks great hung on the Christmas tree, filled with edible cat treats and their favourite types of playthings.

With so many different possibilities, plastic baubles can inspire you to use your imagination to create wonderful unique crafts, which can delight family and friends.

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