6 Out of This World Kids Space Craft Ideas – Perfect for Father’s Day

Get creative with the kids this Father’s Day and help them show their appreciation for a Dad that’s Out of This World  with these space themed projects. Our latest kids craft idea concept is perfect for older kids to make and younger kids to make with help.

From fun and messy letter decorating crafts to colourful bauble photo frame gifts to make; these bespoke craft ideas are sure to raise a smile with Dad this Father’s Day.

Of course, these crafts can be made any time of the year not just for Father’s Day. These projects would be perfect as part of a space themed lesson, especially the 3D Outer Space Craft Model which can made as a group project. These ideas all use paint, so don’t forget to protect clothes with aprons and surfaces with tablecovers.

1. Spaceman Glass Bauble Photo Frame Craft See Idea


This Spaceman photo bauble is a fun gift for Father’s Day and a great craft for an adult and child to do together. Made by painting a glass bauble with an aperture, this photo frame craft can be personalised to suit both the crafter and the recipient. You can make one, or a whole crew of spacemen, perfect for an outer space adventure.

2. Space Alien Photo Frame Bauble Craft IdeaSee Idea


This space alien photo frame bauble craft for Father’s Day is a great craft for kids and adults to make together. Kids can use their imagination to create fun monstrous aliens with a personal touch. Just paint the bauble and add features using foam. Felt pens are great for drawing on foam but you could also use paint, just make sure it dries before you stick it on.

3. Photo Frame Rocketship Bauble Craft IdeaSee Idea


Our Father’s Day photo rocket is a great craft for the kids to create with the aid of an adult. It is a craft that contains some tricky elements but it is worth the effort to produce a unique personalised gift that can be forever cherished. You can use Dad’s favourite colours for your rocket and add a photo that will keep him smiling every time it catches his eye, this may be one of the kids or of Dad, or everyone together! Your rocketship crew is completely up to you.

4. Outer Space Father’s Day Craft ModelSee Idea

Solar System 6

Our space model of the earth and moon is a great craft for kids to make for a gift, or even as a table decoration. This craft will need adult assistance, but kids will have fun creating their own galaxy background with acrylic paints and adding their own satellites or comets (maybe even an alien spacecraft) to give their model it’s own unique personality. This would also be a fun craft for the classroom. Get the kids to work in groups to create their own Solar System.

5. Father’s Day Alien Space CraftSee Idea

Alien 1

These cute alien spaceships are wonderful gifts for Father’s Day and quite simple to make with a little help from an adult. A great craft for kids to use their imagination and creativity, making one spaceship or an entire alien fleet. Just make without the Father’s Day message for a simple space craft.

6. Space Themed Letter CraftSee Idea

Dad Space

Our space inspired Father’s day craft letters are a great idea for kids to make as a gift for someone who is out of this world. Although requiring some adult supervision, kids of all ages will be able to achieve an amazing galaxy effect using acrylic paint and have fun while doing it too. We chose to decorate ‘DAD’ but you can pick something different from our great range of wooden letters available here.

See the full Out of This World concept here. Love these ideas and looking for more Father’s Day craft inspiration? Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board.