6 Fun Space and Science Crafts for Kids

Engage the kids with our latest craft ideas page, Science and Space: Inspiration for Kids. Ideas perfect for a family craft day or as an educational tool introducing or expanding interest in Outer Space and Science. Kids can explore space through creating their own solar system mobile or look at how the Moon travels around the Earth by crafting a 3D Earth and Moon model.

Inspire older kids to make and name their own planet using their imagination, with our ‘Create Your Own Glass Planet’ craft. Younger kids can join in, they’re sure to enjoy using buttons to make their own solar system, learning the names of the planets as they create.

A Few Fun Space Facts

  • The solar system includes the Sun and all the objects that orbit around it due to its gravity.
  • This includes things such as planets, comets, asteroids, meteoroids and moons.
  • The Solar System formed around 4.6 billion years ago.
  • There are eight planets in the Solar System.
  • The four inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars while the four outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
  • The inner planets are smaller and made mostly of rock and metal.
  • The outer planets are much larger and made mostly of hydrogen, helium and other gases.

    1. Layers of the Earth: Science Inspired BaubleSee Idea

Idea0310 2

Our layers of the earth bauble is a great craft for kids that have an interest in science and our planet. It is a craft suitable for kids of all ages, but younger ones will require a little help and supervision. You could use this idea as inspiration to make more baubles for other planets, which would encourage research and discovery of new and exciting facts.

2. Create Your Own Glass Planet BaubleSee Idea

Idea0313 1

Kids will enjoy creating their own glass ornamental planets using our glass baubles. Glass bauble planets look great hanging from nylon thread but remember to secure them well to avoid any accidents, we recommend using a bauble table top stand perfect to display their creation.

This idea will need adult help and supervision but the kids can make all the important design choices!

3. 3D Earth and Moon Model Craft Idea for KidsSee Idea


This space model of the earth and moon is a great for kids to make. This craft will need adult assistance, but kids will have fun creating their own galaxy background with acrylic paints and adding their own satellites or comets (maybe even an alien spacecraft) to give their model it’s own unique personality.

4. Solar System Planet Mobile – See Idea


A solar system mobile would look great hanging in a kids room and they will enjoy making it too. This is an inspirational craft for kids that have an interest in outer space and a passion for all things space related.

Older kids will be able to craft this with little or no help from an adult but younger ones will require some assistance.

5. Button Planet Solar SystemSee Idea


This button solar system craft idea is a great way for kids to learn about planets. It is a craft that older kids can build and make in detail, but something that can be simplified for younger kids to enjoy. This is not a completely accurate representation, but we have tried to make it as close as possible for learning purposes.

6. A Suitcase of MoleculesSee Idea

Idea0314 2

This futuristic suitcase is perfect for keeping home crafted molecules, a brilliant idea for budding scientists and suitable for kids of all ages, although younger kids may require adult assistance. We took inspiration from the molecules for oxygen, water and carbon dioxide, see if your kids can spot them in our photo.

How to recreate these great ideas and information of what craft supplies you will need can be found here, Science and Space: Inspiration for Kids.