5 DIY Graduation Party Ideas to Make

Are you graduating from school or university this year? Or do you have a friend or family member that is? Are you looking for graduation themed craft ideas to make?

Our designer, Maria, has created these unique graduation craft ideas that are perfect for a graduation party or event. From graduation card ideas to mortar board themed gift boxes; this collection of ideas features something to make for every graduate. Follow our ideas step by step or use them for inspiration.

Why not personalise these ideas with the university or school colours, name of the graduate or even photos of the graduate and their classmates? There’s a short list of UK and US university scarf colours on Wikipedia but you’ll also be able to find them on the relevant university’s website.

These five ideas cover a mixture of crafting abilities; from the craft newbie to the experienced crafter. All the ideas can be adapted to suit your needs and abilities, so don’t be scared. Give them a go!

1. Class of …. Graduation Cracker Decoration IdeaSee Idea in Full

This scroll-style cracker would be perfect for a graduation party. If you are planning to gift money or vouchers to the new Grad, this cracker idea would also make a great gift box. This idea is simple for an experienced crafter but the mortar board may be a bit more of a challenge for someone with minimal crafting experience. We always encourage you to give it a go though, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised. Why not fill the cracker with confetti for a colourful explosion when the cracker is pulled?

2. Mortar Board Greeting Card or Party Invitation IdeasSee Idea in Full

Show your support to the new graduate with these graduation inspired mortar board greeting cards. These handmade cards are simple to make and give the concept of graduation cards that personal touch. If you’re a soon-to-be graduate, why not try this idea as a save the date invitation for your graduation ceremony or party?

3. Mortar Board Gift Box Ideas for GraduationSee Idea in Full

Create a great handmade mortar board gift box for those special graduation gifts or as a memento box. This idea uses paper mache boxes as the base and will be easy to make, no matter what your crafting experience. Make a large version of this idea for a lovely memento box idea.

4. Graduation Inspired Bead and Tassel Charm IdeaSee Idea in Full

These graduation inspired bead and tassel charms are great as a gift or party favour. An exciting craft idea that can can be personalised to suit the recipient. Great as a gift for a graduate or, if it’s you that’s graduating, a great memento for your uni friends.

Make them into keyrings, bag charms or baubles. If you have a steady hand, you could make smaller versions and use them to make jewellery for graduation day. Make them into earrings, bracelets or necklaces, using smaller beads as they will be lighter.

5. Graduation Bauble Keepsake IdeaSee Idea in Full

Our graduation inspired bauble is a great idea as a keepsake. You can make a mini mortar board hat and scroll, as we have, or fill the bauble with other crafty ideas.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at the full Graduation Craft ideas area on our website and don’t forget to stock up on Graduation Party supplies. Looking for more inspiration? Try our Graduation Party Ideas Pinterest board.