4 Christmas Cracker Craft Ideas

Crackers bring joy to people of all ages and can be a fun addition at all dinner parties and celebrations.

Christmas crackers are a British tradition which dates back to the early 1850s in Victorian London. London confectioner Tom Smith began the tradition by adding a motto to his sugared almond bon-bons, he then sold them wrapped in a twisted paper package.

From these modest beginnings Tom Smith went on to establish a thriving cracker business selling the more recognisable modern cracker, complete with snap, hat and gift.

Crackers are still a much loved addition to our Christmas celebrations.

They can be crafted to compliment any colour palette or theme, and filled with personalised gifts, sweets and favours, depending on budget and who they are for!

Before you take a look at our 4 new cracker craft ideas, you may want to check out our ‘How To’ cracker craft pages here:

We also have a handy Cracker Size Guide to help you decide which cracker would be best for your needs.

1: Advent Cracker Craft – See ideaadvent-cracker-19

We came up with a unique Cracker Advent craft idea, perfect for the holiday season. Using our ‘Make your Own‘ crackers and kits you can create the perfect Advent that matches your Christmas decor, or you can tailor the crackers to suit a family member’s style.

The 24 crackers needed for Advent can be created using any combination of our coloured make your own cracker kits, we used mini crackers to help inspire you as to how our plain crackers can be used as the perfect base to create wonderful Christmas crafted crackers by adding embellishments and reusable Advent badges.

2: Monochrome Themed Cracker Craft – See idea

A party wouldn’t be complete without crackers and our monochrome themed crackers are the perfect addition to your celebration. A great accompaniment to all our monochrome themed crafts or as a unique decoration to your dinner table or party.

Make your own crackers are the perfect way to present small gifts to your dinner guests and can be personalised to match your theme and dinner table.

Add a name tag or jewelled initials to create a stylish place card to wow your guests.

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3: Hanging Cracker Advent Craft – See idea


Our Hanging Cracker Advent Craft idea is a different way to celebrate the Holiday season.

Our Christmas cracker kits with wraps are a great way to achieve this crafty twist for Advent. We chose three of our cracker wrap kit designs and added a few little extras to make them a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations. The Make your own cracker kit designs we used were the 8 Silver and Purple Silk8 Pearl White Silver Explosion and 8 Blue Foil Peacock Feather.

You can make up the twenty-four Advent crackers with any of our Christmas or Party make your own cracker kits, you may also like to add a Jumbo cracker for an extra special Christmas Day surprise!

4: Football Team Inspired Crackers – See idea


Crackers can be decorated to fit in with any theme or occasion. If you have a passion for football, or know someone who does, you’ll love our football themed cracker idea. You can use our plain crackers as a base or adapt our cracker kit designs to fit in with your team colours to add a sporting craft idea to your celebrations.

We decided to use the colours of Manchester United as our inspiration, a bold red and white theme.

You can find many more cracker craft ideas and inspiration for all occasions on our Cracker Making Ideas pages, including crackers perfect for baby showers, Easter and even graduation!

You can get the kids involved with these fabulous kids Colour Your Own Christmas Cracker barrels.

Alternatively simplify any of our ideas to make them accessible for kids to enjoy. They may especially enjoy helping to make any of our Rudolph cracker ideas and kits.

All of these ideas can be made using our large range of colourful crackers, you can find the full cracker range here>

Start your own cracker revolution!