12 Elegant and Opulent Christmas Craft Ideas

With Christmas approaching now is a great time to start gathering inspiration for your hand made Christmas crafts.

We have put together 12 elegant and opulent crafts, perfect for your Christmas celebrations, featuring baubles, crackers, Advent crafts and more.

Taking influence from the rich colours of India we used an indulgent palette of pinks, purples, oranges and gold.

More inspiration was taken from the colour and sophistication of the peacock, creating cracker and bauble ideas using shades of blue, green and silver.

1: Luxury Mini Crackers – See idea


Our Luxury Advent cracker craft idea is perfect for the holiday season. Taking influence from India, we used a colour palette of teal, orange and pink to create an indulgent opulent theme, completed with touches of gold and pearl.

2: Opulent Peacock Inspired Bauble – See idea


This idea is perfect as a show stopping unique Christmas centrepiece or a year round ornament adding luxury to any room. It would also look stunning at a wedding or wow a loved one if presented as a gift!

3: Sumptuous Baubles – See idea


We have created a  sumptuous selection of baubles when crafting our Advent bauble idea, using metallic foils and bright colours to add some extra spice.

Using metallic foils adds a rich feel, combined with plush feathers,ribbons, beads and bells, you can craft an opulent collection of baubles. Fill your baubles with small gifts or sweets to enjoy each day.

4: Magical Matchbox Advent – See idea


We’ve all heard the saying ‘Good things come in small packages’ at some point in our lives so we decided to make a matchbox advent where you can put this theory to the test!

Using rich opulent colours we created a colour palette that would compliment a luxurious Christmas theme that could be given as a gift each day of Advent, or re-used each year.

5: Deluxe Hanging Advent Crackers – See idea

Our Deluxe Hanging Cracker Advent Craft idea is a unique way to celebrate the Holiday season and the perfect addition to our Opulent Christmas theme.

Influenced by a colour palette of teal, blue and peacock feathers, we used Blue Foil Peacock Feather make your own cracker kits and embellishments to make a perfect luxury cracker look.

6: Indulgent Metallic Leaf Bauble – See idea


Take inspiration from our upcycled bauble which is crafted using metal leaf on a polystyrene ball to create a shining base for embellishment.

Adding dark grey plastic pearls, bracelet beads and charms from a necklace, we created an extravagant look for our bauble, perfect to hang on the Christmas tree or give as a special gift.


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7: Luxury paper Mache Bauble – See idea


Our luxury paper mache baubles are quite easy to create and add a touch of opulence to your decor.

The embellishments on our paper mache baubles are created using old costume jewellery purchased from a local charity store and a few pieces of ribbon leftover from other craft projects.

8: Extravagant Advent Bottle Craft Idea – See idea

Advent can be enjoyed by all ages, so why not take a look at our adult Advent craft idea, a simple and unique way for adults to enjoy the run up to Christmas.

We decorated miniature 25cl bottles of wine and 50ml whiskey miniatures using tissue paper, tulle net, ribbons and embellishments, then added a reusable Advent number badge. This craft is a fabulous way to celebrate the run up to Christmas and can be adapted for the recipients tipple tastes. You can decorate the bottles ornately using up some of those odds and ends leftover from other craft projects.

We used golds, pinks and peacock influences when designing our decoration, to compliment our Elegant Opulence Christmas theme.

9: Pretty Papercraft Decoration – See idea


We love these simple, yet stunning, papercraft decorations, great for all occasions. They can be made with card, craft paper or origami squares.

We also used glue dots to avoid drying time! Make them in bright complimentary colours and sizes to fit your party theme, then hang them individually or stick them together to make long wall hangings, or a new take on a traditional paperchain!

10: Elegant Plastic Bauble Craft – See idea

idea0372 2

Be inspired by this simple yet elegant teardrop bauble idea. Made with beads from secondhand jewellery, a pretty papercraft decoration and dove embellishments, the completed look has an opulent feel.

Perfect for adding that little bit of luxury to your Christmas decorations, or a personal touch to any celebration.

11: Beautiful Bead Bauble – See idea

idea0373 1

It’s just three simple steps to create your own beautiful bead bauble:

  1. Choose the beads you want to fill your bauble with and place in one half of the plastic bauble.
  2. Clip the two sides of the bauble together.
  3. We used the chain and a bead from a secondhand necklace to hang the filled bauble and added an organza bow in a complimentary colour to finish it off.

12: Pretty Peacock Glass Bauble – See idea

upcycle opulent 3

This pretty peacock feather bauble would looked beautiful displayed on your Christmas tree or as a unique decoration in your home or at any special occasion.

We created this idea using 90mm glass heart baubles, peacock feathers, ribbon and beads taken from an old necklace and upcycled.

A touch of luxury at Christmas is a treat for all the family and an ideal way to try new craft techniques and indulge your imagination!

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